Being Healthy By Eating Pheasant Meat

The Pheasant Secret?

Most people don’t know that pheasant meat is really the number one thing you can do to eat clean. The reason is, they are raised in an environment that is very simple and well protected. In order to get these birds from chicks to adults, there needs to be a lot of care and a lot of preparing for the long growth period.

The whole reason that they are farmed this way is because it makes it easier for people to hunt them. If you have ever gone hunting, you will know that the birds that go up in the air are much slower because they aren’t exposed to the harsh environment of natural pheasants. Their muscles are much softer, which makes for nice and lean meat to eat. Pheasants are high in protein and very low in fat. Because they are hunting over such a short period in the wild. It is easy to dissect the animals and harvest the perfect amount of meat from them. With a little skill and a little practice, it is easy to skin the birds and cook them to perfection. Use a 3 inch or larger knife in order to skin the birds that you have found in the wild or hunted. The youngest birds will taste the best because they haven’t had time to grow up and develop into a proper adult pheasant.

pheasant eating

The Key To Eating

They key to eating a pheasant is to quickly consume the animals as fast as you can. The more the meat matures, the more fat is going to be present within your meal. Keeping these meals low-fat is what makes it such a great food for staying healthy. If you haven’t already, you can buy birds yourself, straight from the source by visiting a farm. Sesen Farm has a great guide on raising your own pheasants and a place where you can buy them outright, yourself.

Top Workout Tips 2016

Last year, you made one important resolution- to start working out in 2016. You made it happen but still, you can’t see any change. You have only lost a few pounds over the past months. You’re probably wondering what it is that is blocking your weight loss and fitness success. Of course, something is wrong- you just don’t know it. You’re doing something wrong in your workout regime, and it’s time to change all of this if you want to achieve your 2016 fitness goals. If you haven’t started out yet, there is still time. It’s not too late to achieve your fitness goals.

To make this happen, read these top workout tips for 2016 and get the kind of body you’ve been craving for years. You’ll realize how easy it is to maintain a healthy and well-toned body without having to run for miles or spending countless hours at the gym.

Best Workout Tips for 2016

Top Workout Tips for 2016

Follow an Effective Workout Routine

You can never go wrong with a workout routine because it establishes a base for your fitness success. A good workout routine is one that impacts your body in different ways. For example, you can incorporate interval training like walking for 5 minutes, running for 10 minutes and so on throughout the workout duration. Follow with a 20-minutes strength training to tone the entire body.

Once your body becomes used to such a routine, attaining your desired level of fitness will become much easier.

Be Consistent

To achieve something you want so badly, you have to be consistent. The same applies to working out. If you intend to workout each and every day, then do so continuously. Experts say that consistency is the best tip for maintaining a successful fitness regime. And it’s absolutely true. In fact, no exercise program can work out for you if you do not do it consistently.

Set Realistic Goals

If you weigh, say 200lbs and want to shed 60 in a month’s time, you’ll end up being frustrated because that’s clearly an unreachable target in such as short duration. Likewise, don’t promise yourself that you can run 5 kilometers in a day or lift weights for 2 hours when you really can’t. In other words, don’t strive for an improbable goal that you can’t meet.

Just focus on what you can do easily and effectively.

Make the Treadmill Your Best Friend

Anything that can help you achieve your desired fitness level is your friend- and the treadmill is. Hop on the treadmill holding 3-5 pound dumbbells in each hand and set the speed to a brisk walk. 20 minutes on the treadmill every day will tone your body, reduce the tummy, and help your body shed a few extra pounds.

Work on the Abs

Nothing looks as good on any man or woman as abs. They might be hard to achieve, yes, which is why you need to concentrate on your tummy too. Truth be told- running, rope jumping or walking will not give you the abs you’ve always craved for. Sit-ups, push-ups, and other abdomen exercises will.

Focus and Intensify on Push-Ups

Thrust push-ups will get you into shape because they work on every single part of your body- the upper body, core, and the lower body. They also improve strength, endurance, and agility all at once. 3 sets of 8 reps each day can go a long way in improving your fitness level.

Take Breaks After Strength Training

Your muscles tear during strength training workouts and therefore need time to repair themselves. You need a break. For example, skip strength training for one day and do it on the other. This will promote muscle cells and fiber repair. The tears stimulate the production of more muscle cells, which means more muscle mass.

Don’t Skimp on Carbs

Your body needs carbs to fuel during workouts. Therefore, pop some carbs before a workout to increase your energy levels.

Forget About Spot Reducing Fat

If you’re trying to shed some fat, don’t try to spot reduce. It won’t just work. A whole body workout is the only way to help your body burn off even the most stubborn belly fat.

Get a Buddy

A little motivation from a buddy who has the same fitness goals as you can go a long way. You need a workout buddy. At least, you won’t feel alone and at least you’ll have someone else to encourage you, besides your gym trainer.

You may not achieve your fitness goals overnight. But with time, you’ll surely see your efforts paying off. Utilize these top workout tips for 2016 and get the kind of body you’ve always desired.